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Thread: 12ga3” OO buck test group

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikePal View Post
    As discussed before the shoulder shot is a poor choice of a shot for someone professing to want to make a 'Quick' kill. You were correct in your first post it's a called an 'Anchour Shot". It's used to immobilize a deer and drop it in it's track. But more often than not requires a second 'kill' shot to finish off the deer or to sit in your stand for a hour after till it bleeds out. .

    Purposely wounding a deer like that is considered unethical in some circles yet you keep telling people to use it as the best choice to humanly shot a deer. It's NOT.

    Then to insist people NOT use buckshoot and that it should be banned because it wounds deer is disingenuous on your part, especially since you prefer take a shot that purposely wounds a deer.

    As has been pointed out to ad nauseam in this thread, Buckshot is more than capable to kill a deer (x9-x12 .30 cal pellets) and does so for many hunters. The deer that get wounded by buckshot are usually shot beyond the effective kill capabilities of it, much like the poor shots taken by bow hunters. It's the irresponsibility of the shooter not the ammunition.

    If you don't want to use it fine, but it's ridiculous for Hunters, especially on a hunting forum, to call for a 'ban' on it ...or anything else you don't personally like.
    I do prefer I high shoulder shot from a stand. Thats my personal pref. It is 100% a KILL SHOT. How/Why you dont understand this is beyond me. Again please think about whats between a deer shoulders. From an elevated position it is deadly everytime if you hit your spot. NEVER need a follow up shot. You can never go wrong behind the shoulder though. As I've said b4 we hunt some greasy stuff and try to avoid our deer going into a very thick swamp.

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    Can you guys please pm each other so the rest of us don't have to see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kk1 View Post
    . How/Why you dont understand this is beyond me. .
    Think Mike would conceded its a lethal shot if you can conceded that buckshot used appropriately is just as lethal.
    If you can't do that than there is your answer.
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