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Thread: Calling in a Cow Moose

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    Default Calling in a Cow Moose

    I have a cow moose tag and going hunting next week. How do you call-in a cow? I read making a calf in distress sounds might lure in a cow. Any suggestions?

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    This is a great question H R.....i am also looking for feedback,interested how ppl do it.
    How do You do calf distress call by the way?
    Please and Thank You.

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    I just got back from an archery hunt and I called using the same cow calls I would if I were bull hunting, seen 13 moose in 1.5 days 10 of which were cows/yearlings. the one cow made a snort/growl noise when I called to try to get her in closer, I assume she was warning the cow to stay away from her yearling. So still not certain if my calls brought them in or not but ya gotta think it did something to see that many in a short period of time.

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