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Thread: Walking your dog in coyote areas

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    I agree with controlling yotes in the wild; but in an urban setting they are helpful in controlling the cat population, another urban pest. Cat are responsible for the threatened extinction of various song birds, let the coyote keep the cat population under control.

    Perhaps the people who don't want to injure the coyote should do what some communities have started to do with wild cats... capture and neuter them.

    Unfortunately there is unwanted interaction between coyote and dogs, can't always blame the yotes, some people's dogs look like cats.😁

    Seriously, I don't care what-so-ever about cats whether they be wild or domestic that people let roam. Cats should be treated with the same rules as dogs, leashed, tagged, under control. If people had their dogs under control some interaction between coyote and dogs could be avoided. And as noted already we need to consider taking spray along with us when we walk. I do feel for those whose dogs have been killed or injured, my dog is my best friend.
    Came hear to say this. Domestic cats have been well documented to devastate local songbird population. Our local great horned owls though also have something to say about this

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