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    This happened a few weeks ago, but just getting around to telling the story now.

    Earlier this year, I bought a climbing treestand - a Summit Viper SD. I have always been a hang-on stand hunter, but was looking for a little more comfort in my sits.

    My plan was to use a rope to pull my bow up the tree like I have always done with my hang-ons, however, I thought it would be nice to also have a bow holder other than a hook to hang my bow on. I ended up getting a Thirdhand bow holder that attaches to the stand and you can actually climb with your bow attached to the stand in case something came by while you were climbing. My thinking was that I wouldn't like climbing with it attached to the stand, but would try it once and have my rope for the next climb.

    I get to the tree, get everything attached to the tree, not being all to silent about it either. Finally get going (slowly...) up the tree. I'm reaching closer to the height I want to be at, when I look over and catch a buck coming down the trail right where I want it be, but I am in no way ready!

    The bow is on the stand, but my arrows are in my quiver in my backpack, as well as my release! For a half second, I thought about getting my phone out to video, because I thought there was going to be no way to do what I needed to do in time. That thought quickly turned to, I've got nothing to lose and I'm going to go for it!

    As quickly as I could, I got an arrow out of my quiver/backpack, got it on the string and looked over. He was about five steps from coming into the shooting lane at 20 yards. By luck, earlier this summer, I had taken a few practice shots with just my fingers to see where my arrow went in relation to my release shots. Height was the same, but they hit left.

    Having that knowledge in my pocket, I didn't have time to put on my release, so I opted for fingers and aimed slightly right and let the arrow fly! It was a good hit and short recovery.

    Oddly enough, I had never had this happen to me before, where I have a deer come by as I'm still climbing the tree, or not full setup, but weird timing of having things go right at the right time with the right tools, made it happen. I hadn't even got my hunting jacket on yet as I was leaving it off until I was at the height I wanted to be at.

    Made for a very short hunt, but after seeing numerous deer last year and passing on some, I was disappointed not having any venison. I am lucky to have additional seals in my unit and had predetermined I wasn't going to pass on any opportunities this year until I had venison in the freezer. I've got some new recipes I'm looking forward to try!

    Hope you enjoyed the story and wish everyone luck this season!

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    Nice adapting to an inconvenient situation.
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    Great story, thanks for sharing it.... timing is everything
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    Great story and yes good job of adapting. I think pregun hunt deer come to a small disturbance in the bush out of curiosity.

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    Good stuff man . Yep always be ready or quick like you if not .
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    Great story. I had it happen once. I bumped a buck on the way in. I got in my stand & got the x-bow ready. Gave out a grunt call. It turned the buck around and he came walking back. Not even a 5 min hunt & the buck was

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