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    I was out checking some cameras and this doe popped out of the bush. At first I thought she was going to boot it across the field, but she started following me along. My camera phone battery didn't last, but she ended up following me a few hundred yards after the video ends. Wouldn't get too close, but kept me in sight.

    Nice to have a new pet. Hopefully next time she brings a big boyfriend along.

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    Default friend was going for an early morning walk and a doe started following her too. It kept it's distance about 40 yds or so but followed her for about 200 yds... very freaky but at the same time pretty cool. (I wonder what they were thinking)
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    Just a thought, but maybe she thinks that the sound of the atv means food time. I've seen this a number of time were the deer come running after the atv has dropped food in the bait site.

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    I’ve posted these before but this little guy tried to follow me right into my barn the man door is a lever handle and he was moving it with his nose

    I was surprised when he stepped onto the cement pad outside the door

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    Yea I think its possible that they are attracted to the ATV. I don't bait at that farm, but the farmer has a similar Honda ATV to mine and they probably sound the same. He might feed them, or spill grain. Either that or they're just curious. She kept her distance, but wasn't fearful.

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