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Thread: Deer had decomposing buck's head stuck in antlers

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    A Kentucky hunter killed a buck that had another deer’s decomposing head still attached to its antlers.

    The state Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources posted a photo on Facebook last week of Bob Long holding his unusual prize.

    The antlers of the deer Long shot in Ballard County this month were tangled with the other deer’s. The recently shot buck’s head was still attached, but the decomposing head was missing a body.

    “I was pretty excited. I called about three or four different people right there and told them you are not going to believe what just happened to me,” Long told KFVS-TV. “I still can’t believe it. I feel very humbled and blessed to be the hunter that shot the deer.”

    Department Sgt. Tony Dunker tells KFVS-TV that he suspects the bucks locked antlers in a fight over territory or mates and after one died its body decayed for weeks to the point where the head separated.

    “That buck was in rut. He is fighting for territory too for does,” Dunker told the TV station. “He sees this deer and he doesn’t know. He goes up to it. Tangles up with it and of course he gets hung up. I guess it was decayed enough that it came loose and he packed around a little while until Mr. Long came along.”

    Long is hoping that his trophy of the interlocking bucks looks the same way the animal did when he killed it.

    “This is a once in a lifetime thing to happen to somebody if you’re a hunter,” Long said. “It’s an amazing moment that you just never forget. It’d be hard to top that one.”

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    Amazing. Not one, but two fantastic deer/racks. Great story and post.

    I saw two great bucks fight once for literally 7 minutes. They were locked up for 2 or 3 of that. It was in the controlled hunt three seasons ago. I was going to shoot the larger when they separated but trespassers on quads ran out and scared them off without realizing I was there. The racket and commotion was incredible. It is no surprise that they occasionally die.

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