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Thread: Hunter Shot in Norfolk

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    Hi guys ! I live in the general area where the poor guy got shot. Now the December Hunt is over I will ask around to find out more info regarding this unfortunate incident. Otherwise all I know is what in the news. Hunter shot in leg , OPP and MNRF investigated scene and no charges laid.
    Who knows …. maybe he will post here and clear up all doubt as to what really happened. I wish him a speedy recovery and feel sorry that his hunting buddies have to live with that nightmarish day the rest of their lives.
    No charges laid says "accidental" discharge to me. Live and learn. Tough lesson,though.

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    Well..... I asked around. Needless to say lots of rumours but not a lot of facts. Supposedly the guy was from Ottawa area and they were on property that they shouldn't have been on. Most likely the truth..... He was shot by one of his buddies; charges are still pending as the MNRF are lead investigators with OPP assisting.

    Two worst noises a hunter can ever hear..... a Click when there shoulda been a Bang or a BANG when there should've been a click.
    Good Luck & Good Hunting !

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