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Thread: Video: Wonky Left-Side Buck Interrupts Dinner (Ottawa - Dec. 6)

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    Default Video: Wonky Left-Side Buck Interrupts Dinner (Ottawa - Dec. 6)

    Hello All,

    Checked the cams yesterday. No sign of the 14-point beast, but did have five different bucks show up to feed on the cedar boughs I have put down.

    Here's a cool video capture, which shows the wonky left-sided buck scattering some dinner guests when he appears on the scene.

    Turn up your speakers and listen for the grunt...

    (watch in 1080p HD for best quality)


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    Always neat to see your stuff. Goes to show you any thing you do to help them through the winter is a plus in my book. Why would anyone discourage people from doing that is beyond me. And don't tell me they become dependent on it. That's BS. If it ain't there they'll source it out...
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    I agree, Bo. I know there can be issues when a food source is introduced suddenly (have read reports on deer dying from corn, as they were unable to digest it), but a natural food source I don't see any problem with. Funny. This spot has quite a bit of cedar, but for the most part, the deer have eaten it all - you can literally see the line from how far they can stand on their back legs to reach it.
    I always put down a pile when I check my cams, just to give them a bit of extra nutrition when the snow gets deep or weather gets bitterly cold. And you're right - once that pile is gone, for the most part, they gather food from other sources. These aren't dumb animals, that's for sure.
    Glad you enjoy the videos - always cool to watch behaviour we might not otherwise see.

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