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Thread: Tree steps over the dead season

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    What you are doing is lot of work ... lot of respect for you for that ,

    You should use ....(Sterile saline - alcohol wipes....)

    I was thinking to buy a arborist tree climber ,

    but most of the time I am hunting from the ground

    But I have seen some a grown is steps and was fine .

    I was thinking to make them from 3/4 steel road and leave them in for a decade ...

    Till I retire from hunting .....

    Quote Originally Posted by gbk View Post
    Hi !

    I am wondering what everyone is doing with their tree steps over the "dead season"like Jan til Oct.
    I always take them out,take them home,keep them in the shed till the spring, clean them from gunk and sap( with hot water or alcohol dipped rag) then oil them,then hot water bath them few weeks before punting them back in them trees(mostly by mid -end of August they are back in the bush again)

    Sound like a lot of work-and it is.But i kind of enjoy it(sort of).I feel better about not having them out for too long either,then having them cleaned from stuff(to avoid potential contamination from tree to tree-if any.)

    What You guys are doing with your screw in tree steps after the season is over?I know some people leave them out in the same tree for many years,some take them out and toss them in the shed as is,till the next season..........wondering if what i am doing is it worth it.......... if i leave them for years in the tree-DO i take safety risk(rust-then breakage).Thanx

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    Thank You fr the idea Alfoldivandor..................

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    I have 1 tree stand in a cedar clump which I made a few 3/4" threaded rod pegs for, sharpen 1 end and double nut the other end so you don't have your boot slip off, pre-drill 6"-8" then hammer it in a bit further. They are at least 10 years old and not rusted at all.

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