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Thread: Geese Decoys near London

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    Default Geese Decoys near London

    Hey there,

    First post, new to hunting. I am looking to go out for geese in the upcoming season just wondering if there is anyone that has some decoys they would be willing to rent out if they aren't using them. Or if you are using them wouldn't mind maybe bringing along a new hunter? With the cost of my courses and licensing and purchasing a fire arm I'm hoping to avoid forking out a lot more for the decoys right now.

    Any advice would be appreciated!


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    My advice would be do some scouting and find where the geese are feeding, secure permission from the landowner and then post on here that you have a good hunt lined up and offer invites to those who have decoys. I’m sure guys will be willing to bring the gear to your spot. Good luck!
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    There are a few guys that mentor, but they are mostly past TO.

    Get permission and you'll likely get guys will to bring out gear and show you the ropes.

    Even if your just going to Hullet, with someone it get you up to speed.

    You are going to need some personal gear( waders, thermals, hat/gloves, coat/pants, etc) that will cost a few bucks. Don't get discouraged, each year you'll get better, have more and be able to do more.

    First thing is to make sure you will be warm and dry. Fancy camo comes later.
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    Thanks for the tips! It's new to me but I'm sure it will come in time!

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    Yup as others have said try to find some land you can hunt on first and also stay on here sometimes groups need or want an extra body and invite others. Getting permission is your first step and shows your trying.

    Here in the Ottawa region there are a few people that take others out hunting and even 1 fella who sets up a whole camp and mentors others in the fall.

    There is a Spring Snow Goose hunt and a Spring bear hunt but for bear I think you will need to travel 3 hours. Grouse and most of water fowl is now done. Bunnies are still open. So find some land.

    I took a pair out on Saturday to show them some areas for hunting. We didn't hunt much as the snow was deep and we did not have snow shoes. But will probably team up again sometime.

    Here in the Ottawa valley a bunch of us meet occasionally every few months for breakfast to chat, pass along unneeded equipment. We always put an invite on here and everyone is welcomed.

    I suspect some of us will probably meet again at the Grenville Fish & game club as they have a Spots show in April.

    We even had a great fella come up here this past Goose season from London. He was one of the fellas on my bucket list to meet. Hopefully see him again sometime next year.

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