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Thread: Back Lakes #2 and #3.

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    Default Back Lakes #2 and #3.

    Headed out Friday afternoon with the plan being to hit two different back lakes this weekend. My self imposed season objective is to visit 6 back lakes on the hard water this season. First lake was knocked off last weekend. Saturday everything went according to plan and once again had the whole lake to ourselves (just my son with me this weekend). The only glitch in the plan was the fishing - no keepers. Lots of rock bass and small perch. None the less it was still a great day with gorgeous scenery, hot coffee and a few cold beers.

    Lake #3 - today's lake was not so cooperative - as you can tell I am posting a little early in the day. The access for this lake is by about 8 km of rough trail followed by 10 km of lake travel and than another 1 km of rough trail. Well we left at 6 am, launched the sled at 630 am and by noon had made it a whopping 2 km. Trail was laced with downed trees. After 5+ hours of cutting, hacking and chainsawing and only getting 2 km we called it and turned around.

    Lake #4 (and maybe #5 ) up next weekend.
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    Nice pic and story regardless. The extent of my adventures around here entailed hitting Simcoe with about 10 000 other anglers on the weekend. Hut cities everywhere. So I am very jealous of your ability to find secluded lakes. The 5 hours of cutting...not so much. But it would still be worth it in many respects. Looking forward to the next installment.

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