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Thread: The Demise of Ruffed Grouse Hunting (article)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninepointer View Post
    Coyotes have certainly upped the predation pressures on all small game including grouse, but when it comes to game birds, a predation problem is really a habitat problem. A shortage of optimum habitat that provides escape cover makes grouse vulnerable, especially to flying predators.
    Agree with you ninepointer. My thoughts are that the avian predators are a big part of the problem where there isn't good brood cover for grouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxx View Post
    The number of ruffled grouse in our WMU # 56 are sure down. I think it is because of so many fisher, coyotes , foxes and coons. A grouse has no way to defend its nest from predators whereas even a turkey can put up some of a fight and there is certainly lots of turkeys.
    There was an article in OOD about a year or two ago supporting your theory. Back in the day most predators were shot by farmers/hunters including all the predators you mentioned. It can't be easy being one of the tastiest birds in the bush. It'll be interesting to see what impact the new grouse regs will have.

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