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Thread: Pineapples & Orange Juice

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    Jaycee, they will eat whatever is easy and high in protein, where I grew up and where I live now they are happy eating silage from the pit silos right next to the barn and stripping the corn in the fields, on top of all the nice soybeans, oh ya, deer are not "Organic" or "No GMO", you are what you eat.

    We raise as much meat as we can and veggies as well, hunting time has been more scarce now with the little one but venison made it into the freezer again last year and our own grass fed goat and lamb with rabbits, quail, ducks and chickens adding to that as well, our freezer is more diverse than the grocery store.
    Deer are still basically herbivores, everyone knows that, yes they will eat whats around the farm if there are farms in the area, but not continuously, what about the deer that do not live near farms ? , they eat what is spoken of previously in my post.

    Where my friends camp is, and where we hunt, there are no farms within 50 miles, so tell me what do the deer eat around there ?
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    My buddy lives in MB..he has hunted deer in the the spruce forests of the Whiteshell Park for over 50 yrs. He came out here for a hunt one year and we shot a local deer that was eating soya and corn in it's diet. He said it tasted like beef compared to what he was used to. Couldn't believe the difference. He said we are very spoiled here the south of Ontario.
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    I must admit, I use the grocery store for convenience of red meat as I eat about 10lbs per week and I can't hunt the woods for Protien powder as well. What ever I shoot is just a bonus

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