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Thread: Choosing and Sizing Snowshoes

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    Default Choosing and Sizing Snowshoes

    Hey guys just recently put together a video on all things snowshoes, particularly in choosing and sizing em (with more of an emphasis on the various differing modern options). Check it out and let me know what you think.

    Also feel free to chime in and share your personal experiences and if you own a pair of snowshoes speak up and let us know what you use and where. I use the “Atlas Access 30” snowshoes and use them primarily for walks in the woods and short hikes in Eastern Ontario and in the Tremblanc region of Quebec. I will often also take em out the outdoor archery range when the conditions are right.

    - Cheers

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    I grew up in northern Ontario wearing 15" x 52" Chestnut shoes and there were times I wished they were even a tad wider. But compared to todays shoes they were heavy and high maintenance. Decent bindings and boots were also an issue. At the end of the day you had a good workout. Todays shoes are far better in design and construction but limited in size for the snow conditions we have around here and I've yet to see anything that's practical enough for this area.
    Your video is well done and covers most everything about todays shoes. Perhaps you could include a segment on bindings and how they mate to appropriate boots, how to handle (or avoid) slush conditions and how to get yourself out when you go through the ice. Unfortunately bin there, done that.

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    Good video - thanks.

    Believe it or not I have 4 different pairs to cover basically as many conditions as possible. First off any weight ratings published by the various manufacturers are total bunk. I weigh 165 lbs and with 40 inch bigfoot shoes still don't always float if on deep soft powder. That being said I own the following:

    40 inch Bigfoots for virgin trail breaking in powder
    36 inch Tubbs for trail breaking in regular snow
    30 inch Atlas for general trail use
    25 inch Atlas for hard packed trails
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    I still have and am sticking with the Bear Paw for the conditions I walk in (deep fluffy snow) and also being a big guy.

    I'll add we found a binding for my wife that others may find helpfull. She has small arthritic hands that don't have enough strength to keep most bindings tight.

    They are called BOA and can be found on a few brands of snowshoes.

    Here's a clip of a Lee Valley shoe using them (around the 2:30 mark) :

    Here's a clip of the technology.

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    I have my 36 inch Tubbs, and 15 x 52 inch Alaskan Trail model, high maintenance?? but I do like them have had them for years, they are the rounded toe model, not the pointed toe.

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    OP has 2 posts here directing people to a you tube channel. Why isn't this flagged?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dythbringer View Post
    OP has 2 posts here directing people to a you tube channel. Why isn't this flagged?
    I wondered the same thing on the other post.

    Some dude trying to re-direct traffic to his youtube channel. No intro, nothing....
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