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Thread: Taking out an apprentice hunter for the opener.

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    Default Taking out an apprentice hunter for the opener.

    I attended a Wild Turkey seminar in Hanover that was organized by Lori-Anne Horst, the founder of the Canadian Sportswomen Facebook group. Last year I took out Lori-Anne and 2 members if her group, one a female apprentice hunter. This year I offered to take out one of the apprentice hunters that attended the turkey seminar. There was also a draw for a hunt with an adult hunter.
    For this yearís opener I will be taking out the apprentice hunter and his grandfather. Iím pretty excited to be starting this year with this special hunt.
    I was out scouting today and found some older tracks in the snow and a dusting spot. I also got permission to hunt a part of my neighbourís field that has always had turkeys but there were horses nearby. She will not be moving the horses until June. Thatís where I will be taking the apprentice.

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    I wish there was more people like you John. Congrats on being part of a special hunt and offering to take these people out.
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    That's awesome JMatthews. I"m taking my GF"s daughter out this year for her first hunt. She took the course in Dec. I'm pretty excited about it too

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