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    Hey Guys! Just wondering if anyone on this site has any experience with Foxpro's Banshee model? Curious to find out opinions on the unit.Also unsure at what volume to call at. I've bought one and attached a spinning decoy from an Icotec 320 to the Banshee....decoy works well being plugged into the Foxpro. ...the calls all sound good to me...but I'm very much an unsuccessful coyote caller ( called in a bobcat....that was kinda cool! ), and had a Red Tailed hawk steal the topper off of my not sure if I'm calling to loudly and too frequently. Over the winter, I was setting up mostly on field edges, lake edges. old logging roads, and the odd chopping. Now, the coyote population where my camp is located, ( about :45 min outside of Halifax, N.S) appears to be down the last two years. ( my observation along with local DNR depot) So, I may have been making rookie mistake #1....hunting an area with hardly coyotes. About a month back, we had snow on a Thursday morning, I go scouting for tracks three days later on Sunday morning, and only came across 5 different sets of tracks the WHOLE day ! So even though I haven't seen a coyote yet while calling, I'm putting more attention into my setup. .wind direction, concealment, etc....would appreciate any tips or opinions on the Foxpro call and what might help me when I do locate some coyotes...gonna have to travel a couple of hours. Thanks for your help. ...BJ.

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    Hi there beaverbank. I have the same call and love it. I do not get out as much as I would like, but have had good success. I have truly only run about 8 sets as property access in Southern Ontario is limited and I try not to over-hunt the places I do have so I do not wear out my welcome. There are just lots of guys/gals looking for permission this way and little Crown or open access areas. I also have two sons who play hockey so that kills most of my weekends.

    Anyway, I would say that on 3 of the 8 sets I called in coyotes. I shot one, had another hold up on the skyline and passed on the shot as there were farmhouses that way and had another sneak up on me from a direction I did not anticipate. So it busted me as I tried to get around.

    As for tips, I used to stop after about 5-7 minutes thinking that nothing was coming if it had not come by then. I would not necessarily have the call going that whole time either. Now I usually go about 15-20 minutes per set, with pauses in between and occasional changes in the sounds. I use cottontail distress mainly. I also wait after I end calling, just in case, as the coyote who busted me was sneaking in during the silence. Mouse squeaks are also decent my way, plus they are a good lower volume call to start with. I am sure you are playing the wind and concealing your scent, but that is obviously key as well. Finally, I also have a hand call in case anything goes awry with the call or I want to change something up. I have called a few in that way, before I had my Fox Pro. So no real epiphanies here, but I wish I had known to run it longer when I started.

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