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Thread: What broad head for Turkey's

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    I've shot them in the neck with rage two blade Turkey broadhead. Either a miss or head is gone. I aim right for the bright red waddles. I only do this if they strut less than 20 yards away and wait till hes staring at my Jake decoy perfectly still.

    If he wont come into the decoys I'll take a body shot. Works great too but I like to knock his head off so to speak...

    I might give the Magnus a try, less room for error.

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    Thanks for the reply but the Turkey's have not been in the fields i can hunt landowner took a good chuck of bush out and opened up the landscape. O well what u going to do but find another field

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    Bullheads are a great broadhead if you tune it (like before hunting with any broadhead). Another good option is sticking with the mechanical head you use for deer. I use my 1 3/8'' grim reapers and they are great. It's all about shot placement as others have noted.

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    Most people don't realize that the head and neck are the same size as the vitals on a turkey except that they aren't obstructed by all the feathers. I like head shots because it's either a hit or a miss. As with all other archery, shot placement is everything. Use whatever broadhead flies best with your set-up. It's the one you should use although I have a personal dislike for expandable broadheads because I have see them fail to open. Personally, I use the exact same set-up I use for deer to turkey hunt with which is a fixed 2 blade head. Any properly sharpened broadhead will kill a turkey if the shot placement is right. No broadhead made will ever make up for a poor shot.
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