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    Has anyone ever ordered scopes from this site? I noticed thier pricing after the exchange and shipping on most of thier high end stuff still saves a few hundred bucks then buying here.

    Looks like shipping to Canada may be an issue because of the US exporting laws on optics.
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    They will ship rings/bases I believe not but actual scopes.

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    Most of the high end scopes they wont ship. I tried that. If u click on a scope and if it has a government export shipping warning they probably can ship it. I think its called itar but I seen cheap scope without the warning. I wanted to order a viper pst gen 2 5x25x50 ffp on sale and the total price was just over 900 and that scope is like 1500+ tax or something like that in Canada

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    They won't ship anything gun related, I've tried with chokes and I wasn't even shipping it to canada it was staying in the USA. Because I was paying for it with a canadian Visa they questioned me if I was going to bring it back home. Too much bs to keep me interested
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    A few years ago I tried ordering from them, they called and advised they couldn't ship to Canada for two reasons. They were not registered to export gun parts and it also violated an agreement not to export they had with the manufacturer. When I contacted the manufacturer, they put me contact with a Canadian importer/distributor who then set me up with a dealer in Montreal. It was the only way I could get my tritium night sights for my pistols.

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