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Thread: Quebec Gun Registry Update

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    Default Quebec Gun Registry Update

    For those that are interested:

    Only 1/3 of gun owners have complied with the registry since it became law in Jan..

    But while more Quebecers are getting rid of their hunting weapons as compared to previous years, roughly a third of the long guns estimated to be in Quebec have been registered since the law went into effect.

    Louise Quintin, spokeswoman for Quebec’s Public Security Department, said in an email Friday that as of May 15, 516,270 long-guns had been registered since the law went into effect.

    Gun owners have called for boycotts of the law and many rural town councils across the province have adopted resolutions denouncing the registry or calling for it to be scraped entirely.
    Also ..over 5,000 guns were surrendered rather than be registered...

    The Quebec government is crediting its new gun registry law for a major spike in the number of long guns voluntarily handed over to police for destruction.

    Between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, 5,250 long-guns were voluntarily given to authorities to be destroyed, according to provincial police spokeswoman Joyce Kemp.

    The previous year, 2,406 long guns—such as rifles and shotguns—were surrendered. That’s an 118 per cent increase. The government estimated in 2015 there were 1.6 million long guns in Quebec.
    Jump likely tied to provincial bill

    Jean-Francois Del Torchio, a spokesman for Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault, said Friday the jump is likely tied to the provincial gun registry bill, which was passed in 2016 by the previous Liberal government but that went into effect Jan. 29.

    Summed up nicely:

    Quebec registry remains as forecast—about $20 million to implement and $5 million annually to administer—but Vadnais isn’t convinced.

    “We are selling a high-cost illusion of security,” she said.
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    How many of the one's surrendered will never see a chop saw, and live out a long life in some QPP's and Minister's Closet?
    Take the warning labels off. Darwin will solve the problem.

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