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Thread: Feds eyeing guns' designed to hunt people' as they ponder possible curbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by trky chsr View Post
    Not true. I work in the "business" and we transfer guns all the time. In Ontario the RCMP is satisfied if you just say the person plans to join club X. When they get their new PAL (for a first time restricted purchase) it will have the ATT endorsement on it whether they actually joined a club or not. I've had to update numerous PAL's in our system so I know. TC
    Maybe so. however there are a lot of clubs that will not accept you as a member unless you actively participate, which means showing up more than once or twice a year just to renew your membership and keep up your ATT.
    I know of a couple of guys that have had their ATT's revoked due to lack of participation.
    Most clubs require that you go through a period of guest membership , sometimes up to a year so that the regular members see how you react with other members, then they vote to either accept or decline your membership application.

    This is done so that the club does not jeopardize their own relationship with the CFO's office, by accepting all applicants[willy/nilly] .

    My neighbor, for one , has his restricted PAL, purchased a handgun, it did not automatically give him a ATT. ????
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