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Thread: Best Varmint Caliber

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    I used a .243 hunting ground hogs for years with great success, back then we used 80 grain ammo (didn't have 58 and 55 grainers). I switched to the 25.06 and love the caliber but if I had to do it over I would have stayed with the .243, especially now that we have 58 or 55 grainers
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    Quote Originally Posted by canadaman30 View Post
    Why not get a rifle you can use for big game as well. 243 would be my pick out of your mention. Years ago I sold my 223 and just use a 270 for what ever I consider to big or to far for 22lr.

    Canadaman 30, I think you have a good point with the .243. I did a lot of chuck hunting in my younger years and definitely made a good choice with the .243, mounted with a 6X scope. As well I found it suitable for taking fox and European hare. I picked up an 80 grain cast bullet mold for it and had no problem with chucks out to 150 yards. I would later take my first deer with it, using a 100 grain soft point, it was a great gun in open terrain, but proved a bit light for deer hunting in the bush. I found the cartridges easy to reload, initially starting out with a LEE Loader, when I start picking up cartridge fired in other guns, I had to switch to a loading press and dies in order to do full case resizing. I would later find out there was actually full case resizer available that did not require the use of a loading press.

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    My go-to for Coyotes is .243Win,but,there's some areas I hunt that need long range and a little more smack down,so,.270Win does the job quite nicely.
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