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Thread: Looking for a good Blueberry crop this year

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    Default Looking for a good Blueberry crop this year

    Looking for a good Blueberry crop this year ...

    Bears will not be hungry and skinny ...

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    I'm hoping for a good crop also. My wife makes pie so I won't be hungry n skinny.
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    Yep! nothing worse than being in good shape. Looking good for a bumper crop around here this summer. Pancakes, pies, cake, cobbler, cereal, wine are just some of the uses we do. Not to mention you can get $15 a quart at the local buyers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sawbill View Post
    Not to mention you can get $15 a quart at the local buyers.
    That much eh? Wild, I guess that explains why a guy I know near Almonte brings the family sometimes and travels all the way past Matheson for a few days with another family that has a similar type small farm operation, sometimes twice, to pick wild blueberries. There is a big trailer on private land they have access to. They also make tons of preserves to sell at the farmers market along with their own fresh produce. If I recall, I think it was like 4 or 5 years ago where the the crop was bad everywhere, they lost a pile of income.

    Every year seems to present it's challenges to some crops it seems. Too warm in March started things too early, followed by good frosts just as flowering was starting wrecked apple crops a few years back. Last year my always reliable source of concord grapes from a private residence had a major cold front storm system come through at the wrong time and none of the vines set fruit. First time it ever happened Armando told me.

    So far this year things are going well here, my currants look good, as do my apple trees and canes.

    A good blueberry crop up north will be a big bonus for all, specially for spot and stalk hunting.


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    Around the Cochrane District some said the flowers were killed by the frost. Other people I talked too said some areas were ok? Time will tell.
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