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Thread: Lightning Hits Sailboat!!

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    Default Lightning Hits Sailboat!!

    Anyone want to go sailing near Boston?

    HOLY #@!$ !!!

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    years ago when I had my boat in the marina, I was sitting outside of the car watching a storm role through. Everyone else was in car, but I thought be better sitting in chair outside until lightning struck a sail boat about 4 boats down. Cleaned my shorts on the way into the car.

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    I respect lightning - behind by property is a very big mountain - one day I could hear some thundering on the other side of the mountain couldn't see any storm clouds - the sun was shining where I was - didn't see any storm clouds anywhere - I just got done cutting grass in a field next to the house and came inside to have something to eat - I'm in the house about 3 minutes when I hear this loud bang - I went outside a little while later - a very large pine tree that was at one corner of the field had been struck by lightning and split it right in half - the sun was shining when all of this happened - if you hear thunder there is always the possibility that you could get hit by lightning even if the thunder is far away - sometimes your out in a boat on a lake and see a thunder storm in the distance - it would be wise to head in because you never know

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