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Thread: End of Deer Hunting

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    Growing up we would go visit my grandparents near Kapuskasing, some of the lakes grandpa would take me to you had to bring your line in to eat your lunch and would get blisters on your hand from bringing in all the fish. No joke, 100+ fish a day, mostly pike but walleye and perch thrown in. I have always dreamed of fishing Nipegon and grandpa always talked about flying to the Moose river where it opened at James Bay, he never did finish the plane though. His PB walleye is on my wall now, weighed 14lbs, caught in a NE Ontario river, so they are out there.
    Yea man when the bite is on, its nuts how easy the fishing can be. I've been lucky to get into a couple of fly-in lakes and the fish are just incessant. Its interesting to read through the guest books. For some people it just turns into a numbers game.

    14lbs is an impressive walter anywhere, especially in the North. I've been to Moosonee a few times. Its super cool up there, but for a once in a lifetime fishing trip, I'd probably go to the Sutton River. It's pretty doable if you do most of the planning yourself and are comfortable in the back country. You should totally fish Lake Nipigon, its world class brook trout. Gotta do those things while we can, I've seen too many old friends always say "one day" and that day slips them by.

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