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Thread: Round Goby Fish ; Rideau Locks Smiths Falls

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    Default Round Goby Fish ; Rideau Locks Smiths Falls

    This is not good !!

    Invasive fish species swims its way into Smiths Falls

    Researchers from Carleton University are in Smiths Falls studying the sudden appearance of the Round Goby Fish an invasive species native to the Caspian Sea in Eurasia.

    Seventeen of the fish were found at the Edmonds lockstation when it was drained.

    The round Goby is native to Eurasia, particularly the Black and Caspian seas, and was spotted in Lake Ontario in 1998. It is believed it was introduced to our waters through the ballast water of ships travelling the St. Lawrence Seaway after arriving from Europe.

    It is more aggressive than native fish and competes for the same food source. It also is known to eat the nest eggs of bass which has negative consequences on bass populations.

    The researchers want to understand their movement patterns through lock systems as part of a larger project about how locks and dams affect the ecology of the Rideau Canal.

    They are also trying to figure out how the fish got there, and how to prevent them from reaching the Ottawa River.
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