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Thread: Ontario Proposes a New and Improved Moose Management Program

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kavanagh View Post
    I know I'm gonna get bashed here, but no one will address one of the real problems; native poaching. Three years ago they took 21 moose out of our area on snow machines in mid-winter. Yeah it's their right but that's just a BS statement. One of them told my buddy when confronted on the logging road that they'd "rather kill them all off than leave them for the likes of him (white) to be able to hunt them". They were even holding up the logging trucks with all the moose they killed. Nobody will ever do anything about that problem! Just saying.
    No bashing were it’s not needed. I’ve been saying it for a long time. It doesn’t matter what the license hunters do. The MNRF lightbulbs just care about getting our money for as long as there’s one Moose standing. The natives and Métis will keep going till there’s none left. History repeats itself just like Manitoba. No political party wants to touch this.
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