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    Default trolling speeds

    Got to wondering what everyone else was thinking was there sweet spot speed for various fishing situations.
    Back lake trout was 1 I have sometimes had issues with, but last weekend was about 1.9-2.2 mph and seemed to be doing a lot better for hits. Just had to be ready for the balls to bounce off the cliffs coming up from 130' to 60' really really fast. That is the real definition of CHAOS.
    For the walleye, I haven't found speed as much of a problem, just keep slowing down until you get the strikes even if that is almost dead stop.

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    You're doing the right thing.
    That is the perfect speed for Lake Trout.
    If those sudden cliffs scare you, try vertical jigging once you know where the trout hang out
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    I flatline for lakers and pickerel both. I like to go just fast enough that I can feel my Williams flipping on the end of my line. Any slower or any faster doesn't feel right.
    For pickerel, its like the old saying, go slow as you can then cut that speed in half.

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    Different lures require different speeds for optimum action. In my case for Lakers I use a #1 Big Hammer gang troll and the sweet spot for them is right around 1mph, just enough to get those big blades thumping.


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