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Thread: Tag transfer

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnr View Post
    Looking forward to the reg change to heavily restrict tag transfers. It'll solve all the confusion about the existing rules as well as stop all the transfers where there was never any intention to hunt.

    Maybe the reason the person cannot transfer is because the already transferred a tag last time one was issued to them? The rules are available on
    I think the rules were quite clear for tag transfers. However the new system may prevent transfers were there was no intent to hunt.Lack of transferring tags will be another nail into the coffin of Ontario Moose hunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbk View Post
    He can still transfer after 20-th,but he(and maybe the alternate-not sure)also needs to go in to the closest Service Ontario.

    Be careful-there is a FINAL deadline though for all transfers.
    Right, he can transfer until moose opening. After that, there has to be a very good reason to transfer. He’ ll have to call them tomorrow...
    So from the responses, I take it that no one has transferred under the new system ??

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    I believe one of our hunting partners did it electronically.
    He could not come this year hunting-turned out he has to go overseas.
    He sent email to the group -he will try transfer at Service Ontario,but i believe at the end he did it electronically.
    Can not recall clearly though.........

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