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    Hey guys looking at buying my first gun and I was pretty set on the Remington 870 Wingmaster, but now I've started to consider the Benelli SuperNova. I'll be using it mainly for grouse and rabbit and maybe deer next year. I was wondering if anyone here has had some experience with it. I'll be going to a store that has both in the next few weeks so I can hold them both and be able to compare feel better than the separate times I've held them. Also I do enjoy that the Benelli comes in a camo finish.

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    I have both of these guns,albeit my Nova is not the Super Nova. Both work well. Many more after market accessories for the 870. Hard to go wrong picking the one that fits you best. Better yet, if you could go to a range and shoot them both.

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    I absolutely love my Benelli Supernova. I have used it for years now. I hunt goose, duck, turkey, shoot sporting clays and the odd time deer.
    The only issue is I could not find a rifeled barrel but you don’t need one. I would highly recommend it mine has been thrown in the mud, out in snow storms and no issues. It’s a highly versatile firearm you will not be disappointed
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