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    Getting the hang of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by LowbanksArcher View Post
    35@28 Black hunter
    46@28 Striker Stinger RD Longbow 60"
    52@28 Stalker Stickbow Coyote FXT 58"
    48@28 Bob Lee Elite Signature 60"

    Took a bear this spring with the Stalker Stickbow. But i'm liking the Bob Lee right now for this upcoming deer season. Shooting daily and tinkering with a couple different arrow setups.

    How bout you?
    I've got mostly Bear bows. Around 20 or so I guess. Various takedowns and one piece from 35# to 70# and 48" to 70", Gainsville and Grayling vintages. I have a few other models as well and a really nice Osage selfbow a fella named Brad Smith custom made for me from new Mexico.
    My favourites are my 60#, 56" Kodiak takedown and my 45#, 60" Minuteman takedown.

    I've heard a lot of good things about the Striker, Stalker and Bob Lees.
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