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Thread: qustions about old boat

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    Good day all. We have had an old boat hanging in the boat house for about twenty years that the brother in law was given. I decided to get it down and try to bring it back to life. It is an 1960s Hummber ltd model trillium with a 1970 60 hp Johnson with 70 hp carbs on it. I took a week to revive the motor and strip and check and clean every thing it was only running on two carbs and after checking it was not getting spark to the top carb. After replacing that coil, it still did not work. Eventually I found it was a loose wire under the flywheel. I then did a I gallon of gas to a bottle of sea foam. Wow does the motor ever sound good and the crud that came out of it was amazing. So I took it out on the water and slowly opened it out, then I hit it full tilt. The boat suddenly took off and violently turned left throwing me out of my seat and the steering wheel out of my hands and was turning a tight circle left me thing the boat was going to tip over. I had to use my leg to reach the throttle to turn the throttle off. So I noticed that I cant do that now. Now when a wave hits the bow the boat can suddenly turn left or right and when I give it power it can seem to plow nose down a bit. There is a bracket on the transom on the left side with a 4 inch block of flat wood there the bracket is adjustable. I do not know what it is used for, but it looks like this would be to stabilize the boat if I am in the boat by my self. If I have people in the back bench seat it appears to be pretty stable but I do not know. Now I can fix most motors and such and have only ever had an old steel boat with a 25 hp on it. So this is all new to me and any advice and suggestions are really appreciated. I would really like to restore every thing proper if I can.
    All the best Don
    1 gallon of gas to a bottle of seafoam ? FYI a bottle of seafoam will treat 65liters of gas, seaform burns hot and don't recommend putting anymore than it calls for, going to ruin seals and gaskets over time

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    Quote Originally Posted by sawbill View Post
    (He has explicit instructions to discretely slide up to the middle seat if we see another boat on the lake but I have to back off the throttle.)
    Sounds like Patrick F. McManus


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