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    Looking to see if anyone can help me out. I am somewhat new to the area and looking for information on hunting the Rideau River (or other lakes and rivers) from Kingston to Smiths Falls is there any ares where you canít hunt? I live in the Leeds and thousand islands area I have contacted municipalities for the areas and have been told there isnít any firearm discharge laws, but have been trying to contact the kemptville MNR for a few weeks now and the call either drops out or it tells me no one is available to take my call.

    I have a boat to go and scout the Rideau and other lakes and rivers but donít want to get myself into hot water and be somewhere where I am not suppose to be.


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    As for scouting in the river, if your boat floats and your on the river it is no problem.

    Get ahold of line052..he has a camp for new hunters.

    If you find an island/sandbars in the river you can hunt them, just make sure your not inside town limits.
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    I've just moved to Smiths Falls and would be interested in linking up for a hunt if there's some land access available. I've been trying to find some public land

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    Some advice, Navigable waters are covered under the DFO, Discharge By-laws maps are available on most townships, municipalities and city websites. Laws governing hunting and fishing actually protect your right to engage legally from water edge. However, all of those laws will never stop someone from calling the police to say "some guy is shooting guns near me". The police will react to those complaints and at best you get a fine for "disturbing the peace", worst case firearms seizure and criminal charges.

    As always a hunter or fisherman must use common sense when setting up to hunt or fish. If an incident occurs, be sure to record the incident (especially with hunting) to provide as a facts based witness and will actually keep you civil when confronted, without it you cannot present your side and police will act the for good of society.

    We can't expect our police to know all the laws and be experts. SO take my advice, use google maps to view distances when expecting to hunt for waterfowl, use it for high level overview and distance estimations from dwellings. Print off the law regarding discharge and hunting regulation under the Act and keep handy on your person (mine is heat sealed), you might not get a chance to explain to police.

    Lastly, ensure if in a watercraft, ensure you have all the required documentation and safety gear IAW law. Ensure you review the laws regarding being stopped before firing or engaging in shooting. (I have never really understood this when jump shooting in a kayak) Double check all for all documentation before leaving the launch.

    Common sense and avoiding potential risks, are always the smart solution, even though the law is on your side. The perception of lawful activities verses the police powers is two wholly separate facts .

    Cheers Mark
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    True that DFO covers nav waters but do not forget that the Rideau is the "Rideau Canal" and is managed by Parks Canada.

    PM sent

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