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Thread: TrakMaps for Garmin reviews

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    Default TrakMaps for Garmin reviews

    Have you used this company?

    microsd for Garmin and SD for your computer in each pack.

    What are your thoughts on them?

    i have three new in box brand sets. I’ll keep one. Test it out next week and do a full review here.

    And either sell or gift the other two.

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    Can't comment on the Trakmaps but I'm just starting to figure out features on my new Garmin 64S and BackroadsMap sd that I bought in anticipation of going Moose hunting this October. As it turns out I won't be going but I will play with the GPS locally if I get a chance. First use just around my property appears to indicate it will be all I'll need.
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    im using backroads as well and great for finding crown land

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    I have one, that's me you see on the package wearing the orange toque. I got the 1st one free, when I lost my gps I ordered a second copy. No issues with it at all, very helpful and fairly up to date. I didn't have any gps software hunting Quebec last week and felt blind, had to pull the phone out a lot and use it instead, preloaded the area before we got in the bush.
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    It should come in handy, let us know how you like it.
    I use Backroads Mapbook micro SD in Ontario, and OnX micro SD in Michigan.
    They are fairly similar, Wouldn’t leave home on a road trip hunt without them.

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