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Thread: Goose cutlets yum yum....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkman View Post
    Nice cooking tip fratri. Thanks for that.

    I don't get many geese, but IF once in a blue moon I bring one home, then I soak the meat in milk as a friend taught me years ago.
    Change the milk after 24 hours and the pieces are ready for cooking after 48 hours.

    Either way, this is added motivation to get out and hunt.
    I don't understand why you would soak a goose in milk ???
    WE, my wife and I were fed a meal of roast goose that was done that way by friends, both my wife and I found the goose flesh to be very bland and tasteless. If we hadn't seen the carcass in the roaster, we would never have known/guessed that ir was goose that we were eating.

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    I also don't understand why people go to such extreme to remove all the blood (flavour) from wild game.
    If they want a tasteless protien to which they can add flavour it would be a whole lot easier to just buy Tofu. Does anyone ever consider doing this too a Venison steak, or a Beef steak?
    There are so many great recipie on the web for waterfowl, just ignore any that require you to remove the flavour from the meat prior to cooking.
    For example a fast quick flavourful recipie, just remove any shot, rinse to remove dirt and feathers, slice thinly against the grain. Stir fry over high heat until browned, set aside, fry onions in the same pan, add 1 green and red pepper, fry, add a packet of Tortilla Seasoning, return meat to pan, reduce heat. When meat is heated thru serve in warm tortilla shells.

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    Well guys, I only soak the goose meat in milk as described because I once had a bad tasting one and my friend taught me the milk trick.
    Anything else gets a rinse and then goes into the pan or the pot. To each his own I guess, eh?

    It would be nice for me to get ANY kind of waterfowl in ANY given year, regardless of the cooking technique!

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    I am new here, and am going to chime in.

    I was told about the buttermilk trick, and tried it once just for my own curiosity. I prefer a rinse in water. I love the flavor of goose meat! We processed about 40 geese in my garage last year.

    All my buddies that hunt geese come to my house after the hunt. Even if I didn't hunt with them that day. I help clean birds, and in return I get all the drums and thighs! You would be amazed how much meat you can get from a de-boned goose thigh. And once you learn the trick to de-bone them, it's actually very quick.

    Goose jerky is one of my favorites, but really bad for getting stuck in your teeth!

    I grind a lot of goose meat and use it anywhere I would use ground beef. The taste is very similar IMO.

    Another great meal is to slow cook it in a crock pot with a cut up orange and a box of beef broth. When it's done, tear the meat apart with a fork, and prepare the exact same as pulled pork (mix it up with your favorite BBQ sauce). Then use that meat for sloppy joes, wraps, quesadillas or what ever else you feel like.

    My kids LOVE goose meat!

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