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Thread: New in the 2019 hunting summary - proof of firearms accredition is required

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    25.2 (1) No person shall hunt with a gun unless the person meets at least one of the following requirements:
    1. The person holds a valid possession and acquisition licence issued under the Firearms Act (Canada).
    2. The person holds a valid minor’s licence issued under the Firearms Act (Canada).
    3. The person has proof that he or she has successfully completed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, and tests that form part of that course, under the Firearms Act (Canada).
    4. In the case of an individual who is a non-resident and who ordinarily resides outside of Canada,
    i. a valid non-resident firearms declaration form confirmed by a Canadian customs officer, or
    ii. a valid temporary firearms borrowing licence for non-residents issued under the Firearms Act (Canada). O. Reg. 544/17, s. 4.
    (2) A person shall carry on his or her person the documentation required under subsection (1) while hunting with a gun and while in possession of the gun for the purposes of hunting, and shall produce the documentation to a conservation officer at the officer’s request. O. Reg. 544/17, s. 4; O. Reg. 461/18, s. 10.
    It would appear that there is now. Above is the section from the FWCA that applies to having, carrying and producing the PAL or similar proof of being able to possess a firearm while hunting.

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