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Thread: Squirrel Hunting

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    I find blaze orange is great for attracting squirrels ! Never fails when I'm deer hunting. LoL ! Cheeky buggars get close enough to smack with a stick.
    I had a red one sitting a foot above my head last year trying to tell me where to go for about 5 or 10 minutes

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    I was talking with a buddy today and he actually asked if I ever Kentucky fried chicken style rabbit? I have not but am going to try it next time I get a rabbit, I suppose it would be good for squirrel to. I have never shot one but maybe give it a try next time the opportunity strikes.

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    ive never been out for them but they tend to come close to me and yell at me when im still hunting for turkey or deer LOL ive had one attack my boots under my seat once

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