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Thread: Could changes to the Hullet pheasant hunt bring out itís potential?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dilly View Post
    What if the guy who goes in the lot before you takes the coffee you just bought without paying for it?
    Unfortunately, I guess some people find that to be acceptable.
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    to hunt pheasants in today's era in Ontario one must pay to play, simple fact. The days of the fifties and sixty's are long gone when a township licences were required to hunt, monies from the township licences , plus monies from local hunting clubs (most non existent today) would be match dollar for dollar by the province to put pheasants in that township. That was also the day when a farmer could trust a hunter, one could hunt on his land with a simple asking and a hand shake. There is still one area in Ontario that releases pheasants by purchasing county licence. Even that program has struggled with reduced hunters purchasing licences , increased cost of purchasing pheasants, reducing the annual amount of birds being released. That program works on volunteers releasing birds, and many thanks to them.
    I chuckled at the statement about Alberta and pheasants. It is not generally know but the Calgary Chapter of Pheasants Forever is the largest fund raising chapter within Pheasants Forever. Oil , ranchers and business talk. Brooks Alberta is a flagship habitat restoration of Pheasants Forever. It is misfortune that Pheasants Forever chapters in Ontario and for that the balance of Canada have failed. The Ruff Grouse Chapters that exist will have the same fatality without government support. Any program today will need to be a pay to play.
    "Without Proper Management Wild Life Becomes Your Next Hood Ornament"

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