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    I long for the days of being able to hunt first and last light but for the next decade or so I don't have the luxury anymore as I'm the drop off and pick up guy for school. Add in the responsibilities of a small farm and i'm sure you get the idea.
    I am lucky enough to have a few days here and there to hunt mid day (9 am to 2 pm).

    So, wondering your mid day strategies that you put into practice. I have a few but wanted to hear from others. Keep in mind, it does change pre, rut and post rut... and for me, it changes with the fields-- when soy gets cut, when corn gets cut and then when creek beds dry and water freezes...

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    During the rut last year Nov 12 had an opportunity at a 160ish deer at 1150 am. Sat on a travel route and he came cruising past mid day.

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    I have left my stand at 11am during Novemeber shotgun hunt, Got in the truck and turn onto the sideroad from the laneway and watched a giant buck run right in front of me and right across the field and past my stand. Watched it all from the truck, I almost cried LOL.

    Another time I got rained out at work and was rushing home to get my gun and go out for the day. 12:30pm during 50km/h winds and raining sideways I watched another big 10 point cross a wide open 100 acre wheat field with nose to the ground the entire way.

    Guy I hunt with shot a 11 point non typical at 1:30pm as he was walking into his stand. The buck was smelling his seat and pile of cigarette butts when he shot him. Again, rained all morning so he didnt go out, went in early for afternoon hunt and was calling me before I even got to mine.

    I have MANY other times where I've seen big bucks during mid day during the rut. These are the first that come to mind.

    If you know they are rutting, any time, ANY weather is a good time to be out. Big bucks only care about one thing, they will be on their feet anytime they get a whiff of a doe in heat.

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    I can empathize with the school drop off and pick up, lol. I'm going to find the does wherever they may be at that time of day and still hunt the surrounding areas.

    Biggest buck I have ever seen while hunting came across a wide open hardwood hill at 11:30 am. Unfortunately he stayed just out of my muzzleloader comfort range.

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    SongDog nailed it. During the peak of the rut the lads are traveling all day long looking to hook up. For many years we had a 'camp" on a lake and boated to our crown land hunting area. This was big bush, lot's of scattered swamps. No farmland anywhere. Not what anyone would call a high deer population but they were there if you worked for it. It was dark when we walked in and dark when we came out for the most part unless we were dragging two, even then we would stash a morning shot and dressed deer for pick up on the way out later in the day. What I'm getting at is that we always hunted all day, mostly alone except for the odd planned mid day meetings that we still kept quiet at.
    For the first few years we went the first week of the season, opening day was lively of course as the bush gets invaded but things went quiet after that, until the weekend warriors came out the next weekend. Then I talked the gang into booking the second week instead and we never looked back after that. Daytime buck movement associated with rutting was much better, including moving does around. Our best spots were for the most part always associated with narrowing of travel routes and evergreen bedding areas where the does were.
    Find your self a few spots for different winds and park your butt. After a couple of hours you can always go for a slow still hunt to try another spot for the afternoon sit.

    I have to ask though, what happens if you shoot a deer in the afternoon, I hope you have plans. Good luck.


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    Don't know whether or not it's just the area I hunt but I've seen and taken more deer between 10 am and 2 pm than any other time of day. They still move and feed during that time of day not just at dawn and dusk...
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    Alway expect more midday movement during a full moon period regardless of the season.

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    good thoughts folks.
    smitty, one of the perks of hunting in your backyard is if you happen to bag one close to the wire, you can always drag it back and take care of it when things settle down at home. its a big reason why i don't like to deer hunt when the heat is on.

    how about some post rut strategies?

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