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    What type of habitat are you finding most of your birds? Mine are mainly in long grass with scattered trees or in areas where there is a clump of trees surrounded by unkept farmlands (SW ON). Where are you finding them?

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    Wherever there is moist soil with young growth or tall meadow and, most importantly, a clean forest floor underneath they can walk around on.

    Having said that, sometime they rest in the oddest places. Yesterday we flushed 2 on our way in, in a high, dry, mature red pine plantation.
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    Similar to what you said.
    But also find them in the grouse woods, often a forest just a tad young for grouse. Aspen, alder or sumac for example.
    Also have found they like some cedars mixed in.
    Definitely need a walkable floor.
    They are a fascinating bird.
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