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Thread: Got my buck...

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    I was wondering about this.. how old it is.. I figured born in 2016 (so 3 years old).. you think it was born in 2017? First year they are tiny and with little knobs, second year you get spikes, 3rd year usually 4 points, then after that 6 or more depending on the mineral content of their diet, I guess? Am I off?
    I would guess him at 2 1/2 with good food and genes, 3 1/2 without.

    1/2 button buck
    1 1/2 spike, fork 6 if they're lucky

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    Yes nice buck. I have always wondered as well about age. I have gone with 6months button buck, 1.5yr spike or fork and small dia. , 2.5 up to 8pnt but small dia and bucket type. 3.5 start to get some weight to the rack, more thickness to rack. My 10pnt this year I'm thinking 3.5yr, but I'm just guessing. I thought I had a nice deer until I got to the butchers and saw what he has been taking in. My big deer went to small average.

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