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Thread: Short Hills hunt opponents

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    Default Short Hills hunt opponents

    My wife came across this article today and passed it along to me...

    This is disgusting.

    The anti's label the hunters as barbarians and call for the deaths or "harvest" of other human beings.

    I can't believe people get away with posting comments like this. Who are the real barbarians here?

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    Hothead is a hothead. Comments like those just show that the ones who posted such lack the intelligence to put together any cohesive thought or argument.

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    Social media is cited by main stream media to avoid lawsuits for slander and defamation. Usually,that garbage is posted by internet trolls and fringe lunatic groups. I picture them as pathetic ne'er-do-wells sitting in their parents basement wearing dirty underwear with a four-day beard growth suckin' on cheap beer their mommies bought for them because they don't have a job.
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    Latest I heard is the police are looking into comments made on FB..........................Daniel
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