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    I screwed up this evening. In my WMU we only have the December Controlled hunt, so I was out with the Ten Point Flex GT this afternoon/evening. The GT Flex is the last recurve that Ten Point made, I have had it since I started hunting 10 or so years ago. I had gone to the dealer thinking Excal all the way; but the dealer took me out back, had me shoulder a number of crossbows, the recurves and compounds, the Gt Flex fit me best overall, and with the high Canadian dollar at the time the price point was similar. Well, about tonight, I had a long walk back to the truck, starting in the bush, then a turned silage, thru a hay field, then another corn silage field that had been turned, oh and the 3-4" of snow on that wet ground, it was a tiring walk out, I leaned by bow against the trailer, undressed, packed the gear and drove off. The shoulder piece broke when I drove over it, I now have a pistol grip compound bow... does that make it a restricted weapon? Am I a criminal? Should I turn it in? It pissed me off when I realized my mental mistake, it's gonna cost me seeing as I still have 2 weeks of vacation left. The benefit is I am going to get a new bow! A smaller bow, somewhat lighter, and a whole lot faster! I am a cheap bastard, so long as this old one worked I would never buy a new one. I have picked out my new bow, just have to go pick it up, and then hit the range before I get back into the trees!

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    doug could you not have replaced the stock?
    Don't feel bad I did the very same thing with my shotgun a number of years ago. drove away when I returned home released it was not there. I called the OPP right away and they sent an officier immediately to pick up and I meet the officer and it was returned to me. Because I had reported immediately and had actually put the trigger lock on it and it was in a sock and reported it myself there were no charges,,,,,POINT it does in fact happen

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    Is your bow now less than 500 mm in length..? Crossbows under 500mm in length, and those designed to be fired with one hand are prohibited.....
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