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Thread: birthday deer

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    Default birthday deer

    A tradition for the past few years has been to take my birthday off work to get into the bush.
    Today a friend down the road offered for me to come by his place because I had spooked all my deer away. farming community is real nice like that.

    My hunting is always just for relaxing and I'm not able to take it too seriously as I'm the one in charge of getting the kids off to school. I dropped the kids off at the bus stop and then carted my youngest off to daycare.

    My buddy noticed me driving back to the bush so stopped me on my way to say hi. we chatted for a bit, I told him I don't usually do well but its good to sit out there. he wished me a happy birthday and told me his dad was home if I needed him to get the tractor out. I told him it wouldn't likely be needed but thanks for the offer and away I went.

    Yesterday I did a quick scout and noticed tracks going down into the valley after work. I have a love/hate relationship with the cold and snow but the tracks gave me an idea of where they were going. I first sat out at facing the field for about 20 minutes but my gut told me to move on. I then moved to the top of a ridge looking into the valley. I knew this would allow me to take a shot at about 50 yards tops (the max I feel comfortable with) as well as the deer to feel safe. After 15 minutes of sitting I hit the doe call a few times. 5 minutes later this young doe goes 15 yards up above me and stares me down. I slowly move my bow and she takes off down into the valley.

    I think about it some more and move my chair up the ridge a bit.

    10 minutes later the same young doe circles down into the valley. she walks out exactly where I expect her to. I'm elevated and knowing I need to take this into consideration I aim accordingly. To be honest, I tend to go into autopilot during these moments. I think it's the hunting instinct we have.

    The deer drops on the spot and I notice she needs a few moments to expire. I give a big thanks to God (it's a habit of in as an ex pastor) and I also thank the Creator. I load the crossbow again just in case and wait it out another 10 minutes. I know there's likely no need to use a follow up shot but just in case.

    I text my buddy who let me hunt here and he's happy for me. Surprised as only 45 minutes before we were chatting on the road. I then make my way down the valley, glad I didnt shoot a 200 plus monster like last year. This is the perfect sized deer for my solo hunt.

    I walk up to her with my crossbow ready, but knew it was over. I put my hand on the deer and again, a habit of mine is to thank it for it's life and the fact that my family can enjoy the harvest.

    now the fun part. Dragging the deer 100 yards out of the valley (a steep incline) and then 200 yards out of the field to the mini van. I'm only about 5 minutes away so I know I can dress it at home. Because of where I shot her I knew I had time to do it all at home. Much easier that way and the coons take care of it all in the scrap pile.

    After dressing it out, I confirmed what I assumed. double lung shot through the shoulder. Honestly the best case scenario and I think the best birthday gift I've ever received.

    Now it's time to shoot some geese before they leave for the season and help fill a buddy's tag

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    Congrats, great story. Some fine venison in the freezer !!

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    Great job pal, good things happen to good people Enjoy the dinners ahead.
    This isn't a test run................Enjoy er'.......

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    thanks. first bow deer for me. a cool part of it is that the bow has been in the family and my uncle's dad passed away 4 years ago. he shot many deer with it. my uncle wanted me to have it.

    other odd fact is that i've only shot two deer, both in a big blue snowsuit... i guess it's my lucky suit?

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    Great job! So gotta ask - What's the scoop behind your username? Your reference to being a pastor tipped the scales. Punk rock pastor is not the sort of combination i typically think of for either of those two. Feel free to tell me it's none of my business because you would be correct - just peaked my curiosity.
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    congrats on the deer
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    Congrats, and Happy Birthday!

    Great read too!

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    Thanks for sharing.

    Congrats, great success


    What xbow you using to feel comfy at 50Yards?
    Also what broadhead you using not sure I seen one pass thru double shoulder blades.

    Congrats again

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    Congrats, and HBD!

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    Great birthday gift! Congratulations! My birthday was this week as well, and although I've spent many of them in the deer woods, I've never been able to shoot a birthday deer.

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