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    Default 2019 hunting experiments

    Are there any experiments that you tried this year which you want to share? What worked and what didn't.

    My experiment for this year was before going out on the stand I warmed apple juice until it would just start to boil and then would fill the Thermos.
    The lid of hot apple juice I would use as a hand warmer while it give off a strong sweet apple smell in the air. When cool enough it made for a tasty drink, warming my body and apple breath. Made a great cover scent and food attractant that carried in the air.
    Any unfinished juice, I'd pour on the corn and apple bait pile when leaving. When I'd return for next shift, the small clearing would have the air still strongly smell of sweet apple.
    I did see the increase in success, the weather this year helped too. Got a 6pt the first day while he was slowly creeping in. Second day a big doe. Then watched a doe and fawn under me for long time (no more doe tags). Third day there was an 8pt waiting at the stand when I came in, watched him run off. Then happened again with a buck when returning for evening shift. Saw six deer, shot two in three days hunting plus the night activity at the stand. This was definitely an improvement from most years.
    Chose Rougemont brand apple juice which I thought gave the best/strongest/sweetest scent and taste in the pre hunt research. Much better than Allen's
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    BT-this is an interesting and educating experiment You did.Thank You for posting
    Congratulations on Your successes.

    I can not contribute to this kind of post for experiment,but i always experiment with different stand locations,searching for new spots to hunt on.
    But i believe many do this too......

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    thats a cool idea with the applejuice tuna...

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    Thanks for the thread ...great ideas.

    There was a design published a few years back for an 'Apple cooker'. Basically used a double boiler type arrangement with chunks of apple ( or apples sauce) and put it over a votive candle. The whole contraption was inside a coffee can, so no chance of setting a fire etc.

    Put the can out in the shooting lane, light the candle and the apple cooked and gave off a strong scent.

    I tried it and it did indeed bring in a Doe within 45 minutes.

    I'll see if I can find it to post here.
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    I have a friend near Brighton who get a pickup truck full of over ripe apples from a local orchard. Dumps the whole load in a couple of spots on his property and drives over them once or twice with his pickup. The aroma is like a deer magnet. Every year he has his quota filled within the first week...

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    I always picked ripe apples especially those laying on the ground, sealed them in 5 gal pails with an amount of sugar then let them ferment until deer season. I always had lots of traffic around my bait pile even when they were covered over with snow.

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