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Thread: 2019 Deer Report.

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    Default 2019 Deer Report.

    Pretty interesting year for me and probably one of the most enjoyable one in a few years.It was enjoyable because my son got into hunting this year and was able to join me in the hunt and invited a friend along for a few days.

    Firstly the addition of two trail camera,s really changed my hunt in a big way.In the days before opening things looked pretty good at two apple dumps I had near my stands.On one dump alone over one night I had a nice 8 pointer,5 pointer,2 big does,and a spike horn all feeding.

    They all basically came into the dumps after legal shooting for the first three days and on the fourth the Thursday I shot a nice spike horn that came in at 6.50am easy 60 yard shot. This Saturday at almost the exact same time and place his brother showed up and I could have shot it but let it pass after he scented me and went behind my stand,the hope being it would go to the next stand where my son was sitting but it was not to be.

    Anyway some observations, deer were moving mostly night time for the first week. I came back from the remembrance day dinner in town to blowing snow and cut a fresh Moose track at about 7.30pm. The following morning that track was wiped clean by fresh snow.

    However the buck had made his rounds and there was fresh scrapes every where,great fun tracking him on the route he made that night I can only assume he was out after the snow stopped.

    Then for the next 3 days of the second week Monday to Thursday NOTHING ,no more fresh tracks,nothing at the apple dumps,nothing on camera.It was as if they had completely vanished.There was also no shooting going on in the entire area and I heard no reports of deer being killed.

    I did see a few fresh coyote tracks and lots of complaints about the effect they had on the deer, but in the eight days the gut pile was out from my kill
    the only visitors were the Ravens and blue jays and a Turkey.

    A few people credited the lack of deer movement to both the cold and or the full moonlight nights.

    My son and his pal did see a few does during legal shooting time, I never saw a doe this year except on camera.I also never found a rub this year.

    His friend had a calf,Cow and Bull run under the stand I shot my deer from and I got them on a camera at another stand.

    So to anyone not using trail camera,s I would really recommend you get one.Its like having another few hunters monitor your stands over night.

    They are also a big confidence booster as you know exactly what,s around and when (if placed properly ie over bait).

    Good start to my son,s hunting career his first duck hunt in Caledon saw him shot a Woodie opening time,then his gang shot a bunch of Canada geese.

    For his first day Moose hunting we had a Cow pass by us before he got to the stand and ten minutes into the stand he filmed a bull walking around him for 10 minutes.

    I decided I have to buy some hotter hunting boots, things look good for next year as there has been seven hundred acres cut around my place east,west and south so I am hoping for some bigger deer numbers.

    The tracking snow this year and camera,s have taught me more about the property this year that I learned in the past 20 years.

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    Congrats on the deer and getting your boy into the outdoors. I really enjoy my trail cams as well. My wife hates it when I get home with a pocket full of SD cards, since she knows i'll be useless for the next hours. lol. If nothing else, i find they give you motivation.
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    Great write up and congrats on the deer! Sounds like you guys had a great time, which is the most important thing.

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    Great write up Gilroy,

    Glad your son is enjoying the outdoors.

    Congrats on the spike. I too saw the disappearance of all deer for a few days the second week but starting thursday night they were out in a big way.

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    Good story. With your son involved, hunting has evolved to another level. Enjoy those times together.

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    Got to the stand around 1400. The swirling afternoon winds were concerning as I hunt close to doe bedding. Around 1530 I could smell a very strong deer urine smell which i have never smelled before. At 1645 i had a Doe being chased by a buck in a small cedar swamp just behind my stand. He chased her around about a 10 acre area for almost 25 minutes before I lost sight of both of them. Looks like there is still some good rutting activity.

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