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Thread: Hunting ducks this weekend

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    Default Hunting ducks this weekend

    So i only started waterfowl a last year and have never been out this late in the season. What should i expect this time of year as opposed to a month ago?

    The spot i go to is off of a lake where there is decent activity normally but I would like some advice on how birds move and want to go near this time of year. The spot i go to sees a larger lake turn into a narrower channel with high reeds along the banks so there is some water movement but nothing like a real current.

    Will they still stay in their same general patterns until ice prevents them? Do they move to more open water or running water?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I would try to check it at least the night before and see what's around. If you can't scout it you might as well hunt it and see, at the very least you will learn something. Where I go things change daily with the ice and thaw this time of year.

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    The best advice is to get out and watch bird activity. In my area they harvested lots of corn on the weekend , so there are lots of places for birds to feed. The mild weather and rain are going to change things up again as there will be less snow and more open water. Good luck.

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