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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue View Post
    Hi, I've owned Labs in the past and now think I would like a CBR.
    I need a dog for home with the family, 2 high energy boys 8 and 11, and also for duck hunting.
    I hunt all season starting with a canoe in the marsh and finishing with a V Hull motor boat on the big water.

    I've read that CBRs aren't so good with kids? Any truth to this.
    I've also read that CBRS are great protectors which I really like so that I know that my family is safer when I'm home.

    PM Brent. He's had a couple nice chessies.

    When your ready to put it on some ducks, let me know


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    I just brought River home from being Force Fetched the other day. He was with Brent for 2 months. I have no worries with Riv and my children.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TroutSlayer View Post
    I had to Google it as well. Code talk in the dog forums. Chessie for sure. I had a BLR for 14 years. It's been about five years since he died and my lawn looks great! Never again.
    Never had a CBR. A CCFD and an OBM but not a CBR. They were good dogs

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