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    I found the mother load of Whitefish this past weekend. First fish I landed I noticed it was covered in raised hard bumps which reminded me of the tubercles I see in the spring on spawning male bait fish. I gave the fish a squeeze and out came milt. I had my underwater camera and dropped it down, Whitefish and eggs everywhere, things are really late this year considering the Whitefish are spawning under 7 inches of ice.

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    Post the footage. Itd be pretty neat to see.

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    Nice going ,wish we had 7 inches over some whitefish waters. Have a feeling simcoe will not be ready for opener this year might be mid jan before it's ready. Had some ice over a perch spot on the weekend but it drifted away lol.

    Seems like everything was late this year starting from the spring on till now. Even the minnows came in late to some areas.

    Good luck with your season
    Stay safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fish Frames View Post
    Post the footage. Itd be pretty neat to see.
    No footage to post, I did not record any. Just some pictures of my catch.

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