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Thread: Coyote down... but it wasn't pretty. (Graphic)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jack View Post
    Good shooting!

    I’ve used the 75 Vmax. It makes a mess. 87 Vmax makes more of a mess.

    58 Vmax with a regular bread basked hit will not exit.

    I would keep using them and don’t be discouraged by this one.

    I am no fan of bullets that are not frangible when hunting for yotes in farm country due to the extremely high probability of ricochets from simple frozen ground.

    My two cents.
    That was the reason for the ".275 or smaller" regulation because of the frangible bullets that literally disintegrate if they hit anything remotely solid like a tree branch or dirt clods instead of ricochets into the next concession. It's very important that varmint/predator hunters take care that that's what they use. In today's anti everything climate,all we need is for people to start complaining that they're getting their houses and barns shot up. We'll be back to using shotguns and .22's before we can blink because we all know that the squeeky wheels get the grease..
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    Good job congrats!

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    nothing graphic about it..... good shooting

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