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Thread: Vet clinics being bought up

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurlyGirl View Post
    Has anyone else noticed a local vet clinic being bought by a large corporation? VCA has been scooping up local clinics around here.

    Most recently, they raised the rates at my clinic that they bought. It didn't occur to them to look at where the clinic is located and perhaps raising the rates will put them out of that neighborhood market.

    Follow up question - does anyone really like their vet? Someone who understands working dogs, not fireplace pets. Someone who is a good (not cheap, GOOD - knowledgeable and skilled) practitioner and surgeon for that aforementioned sporting dog.
    Hey Burlygirl,

    We have talked about this from time to time and you know I am sort of in the same position. For everyone else, Hank's vet is Dr Kevin Harkness who used to own West Brant Animal Hospital. I used to play hockey with Kevin and I can't count the number of times Kevin missed hockey over the years because an emergency surgery came up and Kevin needed to stay back and help an owner deal with a situation (good or bad outcome) (we played mainly on Tuesday nights and that was the clinic's surgery day). I live in Ancaster and Kevin's clinic is/was on the west side of Brantford (easy 30 min drive). The care Hank and I got was awesome and I don't believe we were given special treatment because Kevin and I had an out of clinic relationship. Kevin and his staff recognized that every client who walked through the door was to be treated with respect and dignity. Now Kevin has sold West Brant although I never asked whom he sold it to (imo it was not my business) and has told me he will be at West Brant for the forseeable future, it won't be long term.

    I am really at a crossroads. The entire reason I went to see Kevin was to give my business to him because we played hockey and I wanted to give my business to someone I know. However, now that Kevin isn't the owner of the clinic, I don't know if travelling 30 mins both ways is really worth it because while I would pay higher cost in Ancaster, gas costs would make up the difference.


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